Here are some of the released projects I've worked on. If you want some less formal experiments you can check out my blog or my GitHub.


Expo was an experimentation ground for my team at Shopify. I was involved in developing a number of the tools featured in this blog post.

Magnolia Market AR

My team and I added AR functionality to the existing Magnolia Market application. I was mostly responsible for pipeline things like streaming versioned 3D modeled assets from their Shopify shop down to the app so they could be viewed in AR. I learned enough Swift to be dangerous for this project. Check it out here.

Thread Studio

This is a VR app that lets you design tshirts in VR and then get them printed for yourself or for selling. I learned everything you would ever want to know about 3D audio for this project (and wrote about that experience extensively here) and implemented it in an Unreal project on a pretty tight schedule.